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Awakening of the Masters / Academy of Sundao ISM (Integral Somatic Method®)

Sundao ISM Academy – a modern interpretation of ancient Daoism – Integral Somatic Method®

by Master Yu Jae-Sheen & SooJin Kim

Coming up on May 15 at 6pm (CET)

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Spring awakens to life, the world awakens, a new consciousness arises – and with them arise new Masters…. Guides who will change the world for the better. At first they will learn how to cultivate their inner garden 🪴 to then teach others how to change and improve the outer world. Do you like this idea? We like it very much, especially under the attentive and experienced guidance of Master Yu Jae-Sheen, who began his spiritual journey at the age of 9 under the tutelage of Korean masters.

Now we want everyone to have the opportunity to become their own Master and a Master for others. Are you ready / willing to lead this change in your environment? Symbolically and practically, there is no better time than the spring of 2023 to step into such energy – Will you join? What can you gain? A compassionate, inclusive, spiritual and highly transformative approach to our inner world, in addition to:

Who is the webinar for?

  • for experienced in meditation and mindfulness techniques who want to learn a completely new approach developed over decades around the world with thousands of Integral Somatic Method® members.
  • for beginners who want to start their adventure with the topic of spiritual meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️ under the guidance of experienced Masters and a supportive community.
  • for seeking solace and looking for effective yet enjoyable ways to deal with stress, fatigue, lack of inspiration or health – their new better path that is just around the corner
  • for those curious about their consciousness, exploring the deeper layers of the inner world
  • for therapists who are looking for highly effective puzzles 🧩 to the totality of their therapies to help their clients and family even better
  • for people who want to raise their own and others’ vibrations while changing the world for the better
  • for you 💛

How to prepare?

In order to have the best adventure together, please prepare:

  • the most comfortable clothes for you, not creeping movements
  • exercise mat and blanket for proper meditation (you can also meditate on a bed / chair – where you are most comfortable)
  • A computer with the Zoom application installed, which you will download here, or phone (app downloadable from Play or Appstore)
  • headphones – during meditation the tone/voice and music of Master Yu plays a very big role, reinforcing proper breathing and high vibrations
  • good mood 😉
  • If you have friends or family with whom you want to experience great moments together – go ahead and invite them with you 😉 The more of us the better the Maharishi effect


If you will have any questions or difficulties joining – we will be happy to help 🛟 Write and call at:

☎️ +48 693 160 910 / 📬 kursy@iww.pl


What is Sundao ISM?



The Sundao ISM method involves meeting oneself through guided meditations, working with the body, mind and breath. Music, art and group energy further raise the vibration. The goal is to enter an inner space where you will find everything you need to discover your true potential and enjoy life. A space where intentions manifest and create themselves. Each meeting with Master Yu and SooJin Kim is an amazing experience that frees you from blocking beliefs, opens new perspectives and broadens your horizons – it’s a journey from the mind straight to the heart, to a field of unlimited possibilities….

ISM – Integral Somatic Method®

  • Methodology to find solutions to any situation.
  • Meditation to connect with your Inner Space where we find answers.
  • Movement and Breath – the foundations of our Well-being.

You have the opportunity to experience a deeply transformative experience that will open the door to a field of unlimited possibilities. It is only up to you to open them! In addition, the Sundao ISM Practice is a space conducive to deep transformation, vibration raising and consciousness development. We will combine meditation with practical exercises, knowledge and real stories, participants. We will come together in a shared practice to support, develop and energize each other. You will integrate body, spirit and mind and access your Inner Space. You will find out who you really are and what your true purpose is. You will discover what pushes you forward, wings you and makes you truly alive. With the presence of our Inner Space, we are naturally guided and supported in our pursuit of abundance and a world where we can share love, bliss and peace. All you have to do is open up to it!

The intention of the workshop is to create a space that will be the basis for finding what you really want along with new ideas and inspiration for realizing your desires. You don’t need to have prior experience with Sundao ISM to get started! No matter where you are in your development – you will truly realize the extraordinary Power of your Being, which will greatly accelerate your transformation. You will receive tools and inspiration to move to a higher level of fulfillment and ways to share your inner light, happiness, peace. You will experience full transparency, clarity and sufficiency! The ISM workshop is an invitation to become your own best life guide. You can be the Light for yourself that will always guide you in the right direction – exactly where you want and need to be.


Master Yu-Jae Sheen

He is a world-renowned lecturer and teacher. Master Yu is known as one of the most innovative and dynamic teachers, coaches and healers. He is also the author of books, including Sundao – Ancient Body and Mind Training. He gives people inspiration to experience joy in their professional lives and love in their personal lives; and to create a life based on freedom, fluidity and synchronicity.

Master Yu has conducted several thousand energy manifestation coaching sessions with people all over the world – from family and neighbors to the most famous celebrities, artists and businessmen. All of them so far tell of the profound transformations that have taken place in their lives thanks to better alignment with their own true nature and with the Dao that guides them toward manifesting happiness effortlessly.

Master Yu came to the U.S. in 1998 and created a revolutionary complete healing and coaching program there („EQHC: Energy Quantum Healing and Coaching” combined with „The Art of Breathing”) based on his unique interpretation of mountain Daoism, Buddhism, traditional Eastern medicine and the latest scientific discoveries in quantum mechanics. He heals and teaches with energy and enthusiasm, shedding light on the deepest principles and wisdom of the ancient arts and philosophies.

SooJin Kim

Violinist whose music helps others to share their feelings and express their own emotions. She believes that we derive strength from knowing our abilities and loving ourselves. She has been sharing practical tips, meditation and music around the world since 1999. She co-creates and conducts workshops and trainings with her husband Master Yu Jae-Sheen.

Her journey to Inner Transformation began after a serious injury. She was looking for a solution to deal with the severe physical pain coming from her partially paralyzed body. After trying various methods of medicine – Western and Eastern – she began to explore all possible approaches. Applying this method to her own life, she noticed significant changes in her body’s functioning. This method helped her fight pain, control her body so as to implement exercises that, step by step, helped her gain full fitness. This training helped her develop her physical, mental and emotional abilities. It increased her positive attitude towards life, greater creativity, ability to communicate clearly, respond adequately, ability to deal with conflict situations.


This is what participants say about our meetings





Get a sneak peek at how we had fun and grew together during the Summer Retreat at the magical von Treskov Castle.


*you can enable subtitles with live translation

More photos in the link below

Sundao; ISM – 08.2022 Zamek von Treskov – fotogaleria

Our upcoming meetings


Already on May 20-21 we see you at the weekend online community meeting from 9:00 to 12:00 (CET)

Sundao ISM Spring Series 2023 with Master Yu Jae-Sheen & SooJin

And in June, the long-awaited Retreat by the entire community in the beautiful circumstances of nature and vibes at the Wiejce Palace near Poznań.

Sundao ISM Academy – Life Mastery Retreat – Summer 2023

And do you dare to try it? 🪴

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15 maja 2023
18:00 - 19:00
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