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Sundao; ISM.2022-2023 – Master Yu Jae-Sheen & SooJin Kim

Sundao; ISM

Integral Somatic Method

Master Yu Jae-Sheen & SooJin Kim

The other side of life 
29-30 X – on-line  (6 hours)

The Lifetime Foundation 
Moduł A – Enlightened Body 12-13 XI, 26-27 XI, 10-11 XII – on-line (18 hours)

Moduł B – Awakened Heart  2023
Moduł C – Clarified Inner Vision  2023

ISM MasterClass – Sharing Light  
19-20 XI, 3-4 XII – on-line (12 hours)

Live Meeting – Poland / May 2023 (38 hours)

Sundao Academy; ISM.

Go where it all begins. To your Inner Space.

We invite you on a beautiful journey to complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual re-integration that will allow you to unleash your unlimited potential, creativity and true joy.

Breakthrough moments, profound changes, transformations, fruitful successes, right choices, health, prosperity, happiness are the experiences of those who have access to their Inner Space. It is your personal navigation that will take you exactly where you most want to be. It is the source of your inner strength, creativity and inspiration from which you can always draw.

When you connect with it, your true intentions will begin to manifest in your life. At the level of Inner Space, your reality will finally take its desired form.

Connect with your Inner Space, the beautiful place where everything begins!

Discover Sundao, ISM!

Start with a warm up!

The other side of life, an online meeting for those unfamiliar with Sundao; ISM and those already practicing the method.

Memorial Day and All Saints’ Day make you think about life and death. Find out what are your beliefs, conditions, and programs related to the theme of transience? How did they come about, how do they affect you, and how can you change them?

Say Yes to life so you can live life to the fullest and tap into your true potential.

It will be a weekend filled with practices, meditations, and being present with your soul together.

October 29-30, 2022.

9:00 – 12:00


* 6 hours to Sundao facilitation; ISM.

Get to know Sundao; ISM from the ground up.

Academy Sundao; ISM 2022/2023

Sundao; ISM is a combination of ancient and proven strategies (originating from Taoism, among others) with meditation, belief work, releasing emotions, and breathing to unleash your limitless potential and full creative leadership.

These are a variety of practices and trainings through which you will experience personal transformation, professional effectiveness, prosperity and excellence in all areas of life. Thanks to Sundao; ISM you will feel that you really live!

Sundao; ISM offers a 3-fold approach that includes:

– ISM as (Integral Somatic Method) methodology – «solutions for every moment of life».

– ISM as Meditation (Inner Space Meditation) for the Whole; Inner Space Being.

– ISM as Movement (Inner Spiritual Movement), Message, Guidance of Your Deepest Truth and Inner Spirituality.

Lifetime Foundation

Module A Enlightened Body

The first step to Inner Space is through the Enlightened Body. Practices that induce a surge of energy and connection with the Universe. Awakening Inner Space for true well-being with your infinite potential and full creative leadership.

Three weekends 12-13 of November, 26-27 of November, 10-11 of December 

9:00 – 12:00


* 18 hours to Sundao facilitation; ISM

Module B Awakened Heart 2023.

Awaken your heart and free yourself from limiting beliefs. Awaken your Inner Space by releasing the limiting energy and entering a state of great influx of life energy for your prosperity. Exercises and meditations through which you will get closer to your heart and begin to hear its voice clearly.

Module C Clarified Inner Vision 2023

Clarified Inner Vision with Greater Life Awareness and the Soul Project.

Unique knowledge that combines ancient techniques, body and mind work, and spirituality that will change your beliefs about yourself and the world. When you look at life through the lens of Inner Space, you see your goals clearly and know how to achieve them. From this perspective, everything becomes easy and possible.

Join the Master Class workshops!

Sundao; ISM in Everyday Life workshops for facilitators and practitioners (recommended for people who have attended Sundao; ISM training at least once in-person or online)

Sundao; ISM Master Class – Sharing Light / Sundao Master Classes; ISM – Sharing Light.

Your presence shines a light that brings you satisfaction and success. When you are a beacon to yourself, you can also point others in the right direction. Tools for sharing inner light.

Two Master Class practice weekends.

19-20.11, 3-4.12


* 12 hours to Sundao facilitation; ISM.

Meet directly with Master Yu, SooJin Kim and the partners of Sundao; ISM at the stationary workshops!

Stationary Workshops – Live Meeting in May 2023.

Location and date to be announced later in the year.

* 38 hours to facilitate Sundao; ISM.

Who will guide you?


Master Yu Jae Sheen is a Korean dynamic meditation teacher, spiritual director, author of books, and spiritual director of the Sundao method; ISM

He began his spiritual journey at the age of 9. He studied with the best teachers, including his grandfather, who passed on to him the most important values and principles of the practice. For many years he meditated intensely in solitude and developed the qualities of inner, authentic and energetic leadership. Over the years of intense training, he repeatedly experienced the profound, blessed moments that led him to his «ultimate» experience. He realized that Inner Space was the source of inner strength and pure benefit to his life and world. He gained the clear understanding that all awakened ones point to: we are not our body, mind, pain and suffering, we are the manifestation of the eternal presence, love and awareness, it teaches and leads people all over the world, now it can lead you too.


SooJin Kim, co-founder of ISM (Integral Somatic Method / Inner Space Meditation and Music)

A violinist and extraordinary person who has been sharing practical Sundao tips; ISM, meditations, and music around the world (including America, Europe, Russia, and Asia) since 1999. She travels the world conducting workshops and trainings with her husband, Master Yu, Jae Sheen. With her gentleness, extraordinary empathy and big heart, she supports people in their processes: developing, releasing emotions and blockages.


«…Many windows of understanding and inspiration opened up. When I first came to a meeting like this, I felt incredible energy, joy, acceptance and soul mate. After a long journey, I am finally back home and can rest. I feel warm and safe. I am grateful to Master Yu and SooJin for the beautiful peace they give people».

What you will gain through Sundao; ISM:

– The knowledge, tools and strategies to be healthy, joyful and happy

– Inner peace and stress resistance

– You will awaken your creativity and energy to act.

– You will be freed of tension, fear and limiting beliefs.

– You will experience a profound change and see the world from a different perspective

– You’ll experience a greater sense of self-sufficiency.

– You will find an energy that will always sustain you 

– You’ll love yourself and your life.

– Your facial features will become more gentle and your facial muscles will relax (believe in it or not, faces of Sundao; ISM practitioners do change – be convinced on your own experience)

Sign up!

Organizational Information:

– On the day of the workshops, you’ll receive a link to log on to the zoom platform with instructions (and after the workshops, you’ll get access to a 3-month recording)

– The workshops are online, but treat them like a stationary class. Find time and space just for yourself to fully dedicate yourself to the practice and get the most out of it.

– You’ll experience deep processes, meditations will calm and align the energy in your body, more vitality is produced, so a light breakfast is recommended.

– If you want texture, choose this option when you buy your ticket

Join us on this beautiful journey!

We’re waiting for you!

Summer retreat Sundao; ISM 

Meditation with Master Yu:

Sundao ISM Facilitator Certification:

Sundao Facilitator Certification; ISM is valid for 1 year.

The hours until certification are counted according to the academic calendar, starting from October 2022. until September 2023. Each meeting is assigned an appropriate number of hours.

First certification: minimum 80 hours a year – workshops with Master Yu – including once a year participation in stationary workshops with Master Yu.

Continuation of certification: minimum 40 hours in the Sundao class year; ISM – including once a year participation in stationary workshops with Master Yu.


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