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Calm from Withim – Sundao ISM with Master Yu Jae-Sheen & SooJin Kim

Go where it all begins – to your Inner Space ✨.

Go to where it all begins – to your Inner Space – learn the basics of the ancient SUNDAO method adapted to the modern Western audience!

Find your peace from within – Your Center. Stable, unchanging, giving strength and protection.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn the basics of SUNDAO; ISM (Integral Somatic Method)!

Online meeting dates:

July 27 | August 10 | September 21 and 28

9.00-12.00 Central European Time

Each meeting credits 3 hours towards the Sundao ISM Facilitator certification.

Until July 1, the price of the 1st meeting is PLN 144.
When purchasing, enter the code: sundao

The Price of a single meeting for Sundao ISM Facilitators and IWW Total Biology School Students: PLN 149.40 which includes 17% discount. If you do not remember your discount code, please contact us.

*The status of a Student of the IWW Total Biology School is granted to those who have completed Level 1 of the Recall Healing/Total Biology – workshop.

Four online meetings where:

– learn or recall the basics of this ancient method,

– you will integrate them during practice,

– you will recharge your batteries,

– you will regain inner peace and inner stability,

– you will anchor yourself in your CENTER.

What else will you gain?

❍ Thanks to the integration of body, spirit and mind, you will be free from many ailments, e.g. diseases, hypertension, insomnia, pain, fatigue.

❍ You will transform stress and anxiety into a sense of security, stability and certainty that you are always deeply connected to the Source.

❍ You will establish deep and true contact with your inner essence.

❍ You will gain new self-awareness, which will allow you to build more of satisfying relationships based on your true self.

❍ You will meet fantastic people, recharge your batteries, revive and rest.


What is Sundao ISM?

The Sundao ISM method involves meeting oneself through guided meditations, working with the body, mind and on breathing. The vibrations are extra-raised raised by music, art and the energy of the group. The purpose regards entering an inner space where you will find everything you need to discover your true potential and enjoy life. A space where intentions are manifested and created. Each meeting with Master Yu-Jae Sheen and SooJin Kim is an amazing experience that releases you from blocking beliefs, opens new perspectives and broadens your horizons. It is a journey from the mind straight to the heart, to the field of unlimited possibilities

ISM – Integral Somatic Method

  • Methodology to find solutions to every situation
  • Meditation to connect with your Inner Space where we find answers
  • Movement and Breath – the foundations of our Well-being.

You have the opportunity to experience a deeply transformative experience that will open the door to a field of unlimited possibilities. It is up to you whether you open it or not! Moreover, the Sundao ISM Practice is a space that promotes deep transformation, raising vibrations and developing consciousness. We will combine meditation with practical exercises, knowledge and true stories of participants. We will meet for a common practice to support, develop and energize each other. You will integrate body, spirit and mind and gain access to your Inner Space. You will learn who you really are and what your true purpose is. You will discover what pushes you forward, gives you wings and makes you truly live. Thanks to the presence of our Inner Space, we are naturally guided and supported in a quest of striving for an abundance and a world in which we can share love, bliss and peace. All you have to do is open up to it!

You can only experience peace and true joy when you feel who you really are! You can find it in your inner space.

The intention of the workshops is to create a space that will be the basis for finding what you really want along with new ideas and inspirations for fulfilling your desires. You do not have to have previous experience with Sundao;ISM to start! Regardless of the point of personal growth at which you are currently – you will truly realize the extraordinary Power of your Being, which will greatly accelerate your transformation. You will receive tools and inspiration to move to a higher level of fulfillment and ways to share your inner light, happiness, peace. You will experience full clarity, clarity and sufficiency! ISM workshops are an invitation to become your best life guidance. You can be a Light for yourself that will always lead you in the right direction – exactly where you want and need to be.


Master Yu-Jae Sheen

World-renowned lecturer, the most dynamic meditation teacher, philosopher, author of books and coach of artists, celebrities and businessmen. He gives people inspiration based on freedom, fluidity and synchronicity. Creator of the Integral Somatic Method (Sundao;ISM) his own interpretation of mountain Daoism, Buddhism, traditional Eastern medicine and the latest discoveries of quantum mechanics.

SooJin Kim

Co-creator of the Sundao method; ISM. Violinist whose music helps others to connect with their Inner Space and to express emotions. She believes that we draw strength from knowing our capabilities and love. Since 1999 she has been sharing practical tips, meditation and music all over the world. She leads workshops and trainings with her husband Master Yu Jae-Sheen.

Sundao ISM Facilitator Certification

The Sundao ISM Facilitator certification is valid for 1 year.

Certification hours are credited according to the academic calendar from October to September.

Each meeting is assigned an appropriate number of hours.

First certification: minimum 80 hours per year – workshops with Master Yu – including participation in stationary workshops with Master Yu once a year.

Continuation of certification: minimum 40 hours per year of Sundao ISM classes – including once a year participation in stationary workshops with Master Yu.


Photo gallery from stationary workshops 2022

The most beautiful thing I would recommend from these workshops are the very deep meditations led by Master Yu and SooJin, who have dedicated themselves to this, feel it and give themselves completely to serve all of us during the workshops, so that we can experience this true path leading into ourselves. Jarosław Olewicz – Systemic Constellations therapist, spiritual mentor

„Each meeting is a new dimension, I experience something profound that takes me to a higher level of self-realization! Thank you for introducing me to innovative meditations.” Anna K

„It was wonderful! A time of reflection, searching for inner strength, generating positive energy, developing my creative potential, finding my femininity and dreams. A time of understanding myself. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, and this is just the beginning of my journey, the beginning of my path and I can’t find the right words to thank you for what I felt” Katarzyna T.


See you at our joint practice!



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