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Body Awakening Journey. BODY AWAKENING workshop

Body Awakening Journey


We invite you to an 8-hour theoretical and practical workshop, thanks to which you will start to experience your body in a conscious way. Take an amazing journey to truly awaken your physical, energetic and emotional body. Through breathing techniques, massage, dance, releasing emotions, moving the fascia and working with chakras and sexual energy, you will rediscover your body.


According to Total Biology/ Recall Healing, the body never lies, we are always real in the body. Unreleased emotions and traumas manifest in the body, causing blockages, diseases and various ailments, all of which are reflected in various aspects of our lives. At the Body Awakening Journey workshops you will learn to really understand your body and the emotions stored in it and their energy.

💫 Investment: 890 PLN

💫 Date: July 29, 2023

💫 Time: 8 hours 10:00 -18:00 (with a break for a light lunch for volunteers, the price does not include lunch – we recommend fasting).

💫 Place: Hotel Zacisze Plewiska near Poznań

💫 Leading: Body Awakening Journey Team: Cosmic Mario, Amoria (Anna Maria), Javier.

Body Awakening Journey Schedule

10:00 Start of the workshop and opening of the meeting

11:00 Understanding the concept of Body Awakening: Harmonization, Release and Integration. * Knowing the trilogy: Physical Body, Emotional Body and Energy Body.

11:20 The importance of body postures *Discovering the meaning of the three postures: Sitting, Standing, Lying down. Learning about the benefits of maintaining the right posture of your body.

11:45 – FASCIA – FASCIAL TISSUE * Understanding the role of fascial tissue in storing EMOTIONS * The relationship between fascia and emotional well-being.

12:05 – Practical Session 1 – Shame and Fear

* Dance (12,5 minutes)

* Working with the breath (12,5 minutes)

* Massage in groups (35 minut) 

* Participation in exercise, movement and breathing techniques

* Ways to deal with shame and any attachment issues.

12:45 – Break (25 minutes)

13:10 – Where emotions are stored in our body.

6 emotions in the body * Development in the cycle of 7 parts of the human body

13:30 – 3 human body blocks

* Unlocking Body Potential

* Knowing the three blockages: Pelvis, Diaphragm and Neck

* Understanding how these blockages affect our health and well-being.

13:50 – Practical Session 2 – Guilt, Anger and Control

* Using fascial tissue manipulation techniques to release accumulated emotions * Practical exercises to release guilt, fear, anger and control

14:10 – Lunch break (90 minutes)

15:40 – Introduction to Kundalini energy – Chakra

* Learning the concept of Kundalini and its meaning

* Understanding its role in spiritual and personal development

16:00 – Introduction to the energy body

* 4 keys to develop orgasms within yourself.

* Movement, touch, breath and sound

16:25 Strengthening Sexual Energy

* Alchemy of female and male energies

* Understanding the power of sacred sexuality

16:45 – Practical Session 3

*  Father and Mother archetypes * Unlocking and harnessing sexual energy through specific practices * Understanding the relationship between sexual energy and personal development

18:00 -End of the workshop (30 – 60 minutes).


Body Awakening Team

Cosmic Mario


I am Mario – A Divine Stranger a healer working with the body, the mind and the soul. I facilitate the connection of our existence to the natural flow of the world around us. To many of my clients I am known as ‘Mario Cosmic’. Although I don’t see myself as a miracle-maker, I seek magic in every Body, to bring out the inner essence of those who reach my hands.





As a surfer, Javier seeked different methods to fully utilize his body greatest potential. He attained his yoga certification and worked with Mario in uniquely structuring his own body work sessions. Javier did the “Awakening practice” which created so much more mobility & flexibility of the body & soul. Javier gives a whole body experience, not only physically but also teaching about the energy points & Chakra’s to the joyous journey of healing.



Anna Maria – Amoria


Amoria is a body awakener, healer and yoga teacher who has a deep knowledge of the Body Awakening Journey.

Anna is passionate about working with the body and spirituality, she has extensive experience in the field of healing and releasing the body. With its help, participants of workshops and individual sessions gain tools and knowledge that enable them to understand and gain self-awareness in a holistic way, combining physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

As a qualified yoga teacher, Anna has a deep knowledge of the importance of body posture, fascial tissue and the harmonious development of body and mind through yoga practice. Her ability to transfer this knowledge and skills to workshop participants makes them achieve great results in the process of awakening and healing their bodies.

As a healer, Anna possesses the ability to enter the energy and emotional bodies, and the ability to touch and manipulate the body to release stored emotions. Her empathy, gentleness and ability to create a safe space for the healing process are valued by participants who experience profound transformation and release in their lives.

Amoria has had her own healing and body awakening journey using multiple modalities such as Recall Healing and Power Plants. Her personal healing history has allowed her to develop an even deeper understanding and empathy towards others who wish to regain health and balance.

 Who is this practice for?


  • for people experienced in meditation and mindfulness techniques who want to learn a new approach combining work with the body, energy and mind.
  • for beginners who want to start their adventure with the subject of spirituality and increasing body awareness under the supervision of experienced therapists.
  • for everyone looking for relief, joy and methods of dealing with stress, fatigue, lack of inspiration or health.
  • for people curious about their consciousness, exploring the deeper layers of the inner world
  • for people who want to raise their own and other people’s vibrations, while changing the world for the better
  • for anyone who wants to regain their true power and energy
  • for you 💛

Organizational information:

Date: 29.07.2023 „Body Awakening Journey”

Location: Hotel „Zacisze,” Grunwaldzka Street 471, 62-064 Poznań

Accommodation prices with breakfast:

The price for a single room is 210.00 PLN per day, including breakfast.

The price for a double room is 300.00 PLN per day, including breakfast.

The price for a triple room is 390.00 PLN per day, including breakfast (we have only 2 triple rooms).

Please arrange accommodation individually by calling 61 867 56 66 – Hotel „Zacisze”


If you have any questiones, we will be happy to answer: kursy@iww.pl



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29 lipca 2023
10:00 - 18:00
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Zacisze Plewiska
Grunwaldzka 471
Plewiska, wielkopolskie 62-064 Poland
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