1. Whenever these rules and regulations refer to:

a) „Organiser” – it shall be understood as the Institute of Valeological Knowledge with its seat

based in Plewiska (62-064 Plewiska) at 519B/6 Grunwaldzka Street or Wena Studio Twórczej Ekspresja s.c. based in Plewiska (62-064 Plewiska) at 519B/6 Grunwaldzka Street,

b) „Client” – shall be understood as an adult natural person, legal person or organisational unit without legal personality, capable of performing legal actions, who orders and purchases on the Site or in any other acceptable way under the conditions specified in the Regulations, products and services offered by the Organiser,

c) „Event” – shall mean events organised by the Organiser

of the Organiser’s activity, including individual sessions organised and conducted in accordance with the Organiser’s current offer,

d) „Service” – should be understood as the websites located at the following Internet addresses: biletdozdrowia.pl and krainazdrowia.com.pl and other websites where the Organiser sells tickets for its Events.

2. The Regulations specify the principles, extent and conditions of making sales and reservations of tickets, use of the Service by the Buyer, the principles of refunding the ticket price and the principles of making complaints regarding Events organised by the Organiser.

3. The Buyer is obliged to use the Service in a manner compliant with the law, social and customary norms and the terms of the Regulations.

4. The Organiser administers a customer service office located in Plewiska (62-064 Plewiska) at 519B/6 Grunwaldzka Street.


1. The sale or reservation of tickets takes place by using the Service, as well as offline – during telephone calls with the Clients or through exchange of correspondence, including electronic mail.

2. Reservation of a seat and sale of a ticket is binding for the Organiser of the event only upon receiving payment to the Organiser’s account. In the title, the Customer is obliged to provide: the order number, name and surname of the person buying a ticket.

3. Payment for a purchased ticket can be made:

a) at one time, through the przelewy24 system using a credit card,

b) as a one-off payment by e-transfer, paying the full amount within 3 days from the date of purchase of the ticket on the Site,

c) by making a deposit of 50% of the value of the purchased ticket within 3 days of purchasing the ticket and by paying the remaining 50% of the value of the purchased ticket the day before the Event at the latest.

4. The Client chooses the form of payment before purchasing a ticket.

5. The purchased ticket authorizes the Client to participate in the Event only if the payment is made before the commencement of the Event.

6. The moment of payment is considered to be the moment the amount due is credited to the Organiser’s bank account.

7. If the Customer wishes to receive an invoice for the purchased services, he or she is obliged to notify the Organiser during the purchase (by telephone or e-mail) or directly at the time of purchase, if the system used for purchase allows for such a possibility.


1. Purchased tickets are sent to the e-mail address indicated by the client in the registration form or provided in any other way, including in particular by telephone or e-mail.

2. Each ticket has a unique number, which is attached to a single person.

3. The ticket(s) must be printed and presented on the day of the event to the person checking the tickets.

4. The Organiser is not responsible for the consequences of unauthorised duplication of a ticket once received by the Booker or third parties to whom they have made available the data of the ticket received (including print-outs or electronic copies).


1. Any complaints regarding the services provided electronically by the Organiser should be reported to the e-mail address: kursy@iww.pl or by post to the address:

519B/6 Grunwaldzka Street

62-064 Plewiska

within 7 days from the moment of revealing the reasons for the complaint.

2.The complaint should include information on the following personal data of the Customer submitting the complaint:

a) name and surname/name,

b) address of residence/site and correspondence address,

c) e-mail address,

d) subject of the complaint,

e) accurate description of the complained service,

f) reason for the complaint.

3. Complaints arising from ignorance of the Regulations and the legal regulations, as well as those containing incorrect or incomplete data specified in paragraph 2, and complaints containing obscene and abusive language will not be taken into consideration.

4. Complaints will be considered by the Organiser within 5 working days from the date of complaint delivery.

5. The Client will be informed about the way of processing the complaint in the same way as the complaint was submitted, to the correspondence address or e-mail address given in the complaint.

6. In order to return purchased tickets, such a request should be sent by e-mail to the following address: kursy@iww.pl.

7. The ticket shall be refunded:

(a) The customer may cancel the contract within 14 days – in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act Dz. 2014, item 827 of 30 May 2014.

b) 85% of the ticket price if the Client demands the return of the ticket no later than 30 days before the Event;

c) 30% of the ticket price if the Client demands the return of the ticket no later than 7 days before the Event.

7.1 The amount of the refund will be reduced by the financial operations costs: bank transfer costs and payment systems costs.

8. A refund will not be accepted if the request mentioned in point. 6

a) later than 7 days before the planned date of the Event, subject to points. 10 and p. 11.

b) if it concerns electronic and on-line and off-line products.

9. The refund for the tickets will be transferred to the account from which the payment was made, or optionally to the account of the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets, unless the booking person indicates another bank account in writing.

10. In the case of cancellation, change of the programme, location of the event or the start time of the event, the Organiser can return the amount paid for the tickets to the credit card account or bank account respectively, indicated by the customer via e-mail to: kursy@iww.pl up to 14 days.

11. In the case of purchasing a ticket at a point of sale, tickets should be returned at the point of purchase upon presentation of proof of purchase.

12. The rules governing the refund of the ticket price specified in this Chapter shall apply respectively to the refund of the advance payment made in accordance with point 2 of Chapter II.

13. The Organiser shall not be liable for any compensation or damages to the ticket holder, other than the refund of the amount paid for the ticket for the event which has been cancelled and in the case of a change in the date or programme, start time and location of the event.


1. After purchasing tickets from the Service or in any other way listed in Chapter II, point 1 of the Terms and Conditions and after making a payment, Customers receive a ticket via e-mail. If the purchase is made in a different manner than through the Service, the Organiser shall send the Rules and Regulations to the Client by electronic mail.

2. After the payment is made, the Organiser contacts the Customer in order to confirm the payment.

3. The bank account numbers to which payments for the purchase of tickets should be transferred are displayed after the selection of payment and are always sent after the purchase to the e-mail address provided by the Customer

4. The Service is not liable for the consequences of sending money to an account other than the one specified in the e-mail confirmation of the reservation referred to in point 3.


Customers’ personal data shall be gathered and stored in conformity with the IWW Privacy Policy, in particular:

1. Any personal data provided to the Organiser when purchasing or booking a ticket is and will be used for the purpose of performing the ticket sales agreement as well as, with the consent of the person providing it, for the purpose of providing information about services, promotions and products offered by the Valeological Knowledge Institute and Wena Studio.

2. Except as may be restricted by the RODO and other legal provisions, each person providing their personal data has the right to obtain access to the content of their personal data and the right to rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, the right to portability of personal data, the right to make an objection, as well as the right to withdraw consent at any time if the processing is based on your consent.

3. Each person who registers on the Website or makes a purchase or reservation of a ticket in any other way consents to the processing of their personal data provided in the registration form for the purpose of carrying out the purchased tickets and marketing of the company Institute of Valeological Knowledge and Wena Studio of Creative Expression s.c, 62-064 Plewiska, 519 B/6 Grunwaldzka Street ( in accordance with Article 13(1) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals) in the context of the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (referred to as RODO)).


Participants of the On-line Event who submit their image (audio, video, chat) during the Event consent to having it recorded, processed and made accessible by the Organiser.