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Sundao; ISM Integral Somatic Method – Lineage of Light – Master Yu Jae-Sheen & SooJin Kim

Sundao; ISM Integral Somatic Method – Lineage of Light – Master Yu Jae-Sheen & SooJin Kim

Shifting from the Vicious Circle of the Karmic Lineage

29.10.2023. 9:00-12:00 on-line

Discover Sundao, ISM!
The other side of life, an online meeting for those unfamiliar with Sundao; ISM and those already practicing the method.

Memorial Day and All Saints’s Day make you think about life and death. Find out what are your beliefs, conditions, and programs related to the theme of transience? How did they come about, how do they affect you, and how can you change them? Say Yes to life so you can live life to the fullest and tap into your true potential. It will be a weekend filled with practices, meditations, and being present with your soul together.

What can you expect from this meeting?

This meeting provides an opportunity to reawaken the presence of Inner Space: the authentic nature of our being. It breaks free from the chain of Karmic lineage, which is often the root cause of personal and collective inefficiency.

Go where it all begins. To your Inner Space.

We invite you on a beautiful journey to complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual re-integration that will allow you to unleash your unlimited potential, creativity and true joy. Breakthrough moments, profound changes, transformations, fruitful successes, right choices,health, prosperity, happiness are the experiences of those who have access to their InnerSpace. It is your personal navigation that will take you exactly where you most want to be. It is the source of your inner strength, creativity and inspiration from which you can always draw. When you connect with it, your true intentions will begin to manifest in your life. At the level ofInner Space, your reality will finally take its desired form.

Connect with your Inner Space, the beautiful place where everything begins!

ISM training encompasses the physical body, emotional body, and its energy system as fields of science, understanding, awakening, integration, problem-solving, and fulfillment.

Our meetings include gentle movements, guided meditations, interactive exercises, and inspiring conversations.

Master Yu, Jae-Sheen (Co-Founder of ISM, Founder of Sundao, Teacher) Master Yu, Jae Sheen is known as one of the most innovative and dynamic meditation teachers and the author of books such as „Sundao – Invitation to Daoist Practice in the Mountains.” After over 30 years of sharing his knowledge and meeting thousands of people in Western countries, Master Yu has created the groundbreaking Sundao; ISM program. It is a unique and complete reinterpretation of ancient mountain Daoism, Buddhism, and spiritual understanding of Eastern medicine, offering practical solutions for spontaneous healing and consciousness transformation for individuals, society, and the planet.

His spiritual journey began at the age of 9, under the guidance of great teachers, including his grandfather, who taught him the values of inner qualities and true energetic leadership. After years of focused meditation and intensive training, he had many profound experiences that led him to the „ultimate” experience and understanding that the inner spiritual space is 'Pure Benefit’ for his own life and the world. He understood clearly that all awakened people point to the same thing: we are not our bodies, minds, pain, and suffering, but we are a manifestation of eternal presence, love, and consciousness.

After arriving in the United States in 1998, he opened practices in California and Arizona. He travels internationally, offering workshops, personal meetings, and retreats for individuals and organizations. He resides in northern Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

SooJin Kim, Co-Founder of ISM (Integral Soma Method / Inner Space Meditation and Music), fully supports people in living a healthier, happier, and more creative life, fully expressing the beauty of individuality and connecting with their true essence.

Since 1999, she has been sharing practical guidance, meditation, and music worldwide, including in North America, European countries, Russia, and Asia. She travels internationally, leading retreats, workshops, and various training with her beloved husband, the founder of Sundao; ISM, Master Yu, Jae-Sheen.

Her intense journey into the depths began after a serious injury she sustained while continuing her music studies in Germany. She desperately sought a solution to unbearable physical pain resulting from a partially paralyzed body. After trying various forms of medical support, both Western and Eastern, she discovered integrative approaches and ancient healing arts and meditations that brought her immense benefit. Profound inner transformation and experiences radically changed her health and her perception of life and the world. Focused practice accelerated her recovery and revealed her inner gifts. She naturally began to help others.

As a classically trained violinist, her emotionally charged music is dedicated to helping others connect with their heart, where unconditional love and authentic power reside.

Join us this fall!


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29 października 2023
09:00 - 12:00
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